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Makani is an application that gives a distinguished address to all the buildings in Libya and aims to move from the descriptive to the digital address system to facilitate the inference to geographical locations.

Why "Makani"?

  • - Makani offers a modern and distinguished identity that puts in your hands the means of comfort, reaching your destination is no longer a task.
  • - Makani, replacing old descriptive addresses with new digital ones.
  • - Makani is a clear and defined map that inwhich you enjoy can enjoy exploring and delving.
  • - Find your destination with "Makani" from whereever you are. .


Ease of use and simplicity of design

Comprehensive guide

The application contains a governmental and commercial guide, classified according to activities for quick access.

Ease of Reach

This is done by searching for a specific address or clicking on an address and going to it.

Easy address

Makani offers you an easy address to save and share with friends or to share it through social media and more.

Facilitation and simplicity in design

The app was designed in such a modern and easy way to provide feasibility and uncomplicated way of use.

Easily navigate between places

Use the application as a navigation system to get to the desired location without the need for internet (network).

My favorite addresses

You can save your favorite addresses and create your own directory to access them when needed.






Registered addresses

App Interfaces
The facades are of modern and contemporary designs

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+218 92 490 0080

1J Misrata, Libya F7P5G