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Makani is for your convenience, and you’ll never get lost

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تقييم تطبيق مكاني

You’ll never face a dead end

As opposed to other applications, Makani covers all of Libya and sets unique addresses for each building; therefore, you won’t be struggling with the inability to find the address of any site or how to actually get there.

Share your “address” with others

Makani provides you a unique personal address. You may save and share it with friends and others through the application or social media sites.

Categories for everything

Makani provides you with a guide to all commercial and governmental activities. You can reach your favorite restaurant, for example, with one click on “Restaurants” on the list

A personal list just for you

The application allows you to create a special list with your favorite locations that you’d like to save and come back to whenever you wanted.

Makani Fav Places

Makani for all

We make sure that Makani App suits everyone’s needs regardless of their gender, place of residence, or requirements, this is why periodical updates are available so that its characteristics is suitable for all.